Please see below a list of all the programs that I offer.                       (maximum of 8-10 participants). 


 *STORM Policy There will always be a message left on the answering machine (506-855-2863) at least 2 hours prior to session if it is cancelled due to bad weather.



*REFRESHER Policy If you’re interested in re-taking a program, your refresher fee will be 50% off the original price. Excluding retreats.



"A Course in Miracles" Weekend Retreat - "A Course in Miracles" states in it's introduction that "the course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught.  It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence , which is our natural inheritance".Come step into your natural inheritance  at the "A Course in Miracles" Weekend Retreat in Rothesay NB . With a beautiful blend of workshop and reflection time, spend some time looking at removing some of those blocks  and becoming aware of love's presence. 


EVERY THURSDAY 10AM-11:30AM  "A Course in Miracles" Support/Study Group: This weekly session is a remarkable, complete, self-study spiritual thought system  that can help you to live on a spiritual plane and experience a different world outside your daily life. Bring your book if you have one.
No registration, no fees.


A Course in Weight Loss: 21 spiritual Lessons for Surrendering your Weight Forever -21 session program which is based on the book by Marianne Williamson. Do you struggle with your weight? Do you seem to turn to food for all your moods? Would you like to change your relationship with food to a healthier one? Join the journey to a happier, healthier you during this one hour weekly support session. Live the life that you were meant to enjoy and embrace. Registration required. Weekly payments accepted.    


Free Information Session: Beyond Childhood Sexual Abuse - Join me and a past participant (from the Healing Journey program), for a free, informal information/conversation about-what childhood sexual abuse is and how it affects us as adult women. 
TOGETHER, let’s find the courage to talk about this subject.
As many of you may know, I feel very strongly about this subject as I too have made the Journey beyond Childhood Sexual Abuse.
Some of you ask some very interesting questions about this subject, like: does about inappropriate touching count? ; What if it only happened once?;  Is this why can’t I trust? Registration required as seats are limited.   


A Woman's Healing Journey Beyond Childhood Sexual Abuse program (formerly known as A Healing Journey) - This 8 session program is for 8-10 female survivors of sexual abuse facilitated by Anne Pirie M.S.W., R.S.W. Debbie Melanson-Hebert n.d. Group members need to make a commitment to attend the group weekly. Call Debbie to set up an appointment for an assessment interview to see if you qualify.  Registration required.      


Change Your Thinking, Lose the Weight - The focus of this 6 session program is on helping you to lay the foundation for positive change. Have weight issues affected your life? Do you feel shame and anger about your weight? Do you criticize yourself and judge yourself constantly about not losing weight? Learn how to apply the mental, emotional and behavioral skills for permanent change through this powerful, conscious approach to weight loss?Well, if you are tired of looking at the scales & want to try something different this might be exactly what you are looking for?  Registration required.  


Couples Corner - is a 4 session program consists of 5 couples only. This 4 part program is for those couples that desire to learn tools to enhance their commitment to each other. Refresh what you already have and /or learn something new about you and /or partner. Breathe some freshness into your relationship. Registration required.  


Emotions - is a 6 session program designed to help you handle your emotions more effectively and to promote positive emotions in your daily life. Registration required.  


Helping the Family Thrive After Separation - This 3 session program will help you become aware of how your actions may INADVERTENTLY harm your children, as well as provide you with the skills you may need to stay child-focused while minimizing poor choices amidst conflict and loss. ($20 book optional).  Registration required.


Improving My Self Esteem - This 8 session program aims to assist you in recognizing your qualities and strengths while finding out who you really are. Learn lots of tools that will help you enhance your present strengths and learn to like yourself once again.  Registration required.  


Letting Go with Grace - is a 2 session program - Do you worry about the people in your life and what they are going through?  Do their issues become your issues?  Learn the difference between enabling and truly helping them. Recognize the role that guilt plays in unhealthy relationships and make peace with your healthy choices. Registration required.  Weekly payments accepted.    


Life Scripts - is a 1 DAY program Deep within our subconscious mind lies the "reptilian brain", which is the first brain formed as a developing fetus. This brain contains all the survival mechanisms we learn up until the time we are about 5 years old: the "don'ts" and the "can'ts" that we learn as a child from the authority figures who were charged with our care. Though hidden, the reptilian brain is alive and well, but it only operates in a stress situation. This makes it extremely difficult to recognize the negative messages that are still being played on its intact tape. Since we only have the power to give away or destroy something we own, we remain victims to these negative messages until we can claim ownership of them. Registration required.   


Love Yourself, HEAL YOUR LIFE ® -  (10 participants max.) This powerful 2 DAY WORKSHOP, developed by Louise L. Hay, will help you to love yourself and others more fully. Working with the four aspects of yourself: body, mind, spirit, and emotions, you will learn why you may be sabotaging yourself or recreating the same undesirable situations over and over in your life. Includes one free life coaching session.   Registration required.


Loving Yourself from the Inside Out - This 8 session program consists of 6 -8 motivated women who want to learn how to truly love themselves by embracing their inner child. You will journey towards emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Through both class time and homework assignments you will practice tools for self-love and learn to discover your true self. The atmosphere will be supportive, comfortable, healthy and fun, with enjoyment for everyone.  Registration required. Weekly payments accepted.  


Making Ends Meet - This 3 session program is focused on the basic foundations of budgeting. You will learn tips and skills on how to make ends meet on a limited budget. Learn to become a better money manager.  Registration required.


Me & My Mirror - is a 4 session program.  This program helps 6-8 participants learn to love themselves unconditionally by using the mirrors. Remember that mirrors can reflect back to us our feelings about ourselves. They show us clearly the areas to be changed if we want to have a joyous, fulfilling life. Your relationship with yourself affects everything in your life.  Come see what the mirror has to tell you about yourself. Registration required.  Weekly payments accepted. 



Using the  S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective  Parenting) Model 

Parenting Young Children  includes S.T.E.P. book  
8 session program  for parents with children ages 0-5. In these sessions you will learn to deal with issues at the various stages of development and to better enjoy your child. We will discuss such things as Raising your child's self - esteem, Goals of misbehavior, Cooperation, Encouragement vs.praise, and other preschoolers issues such as temper tantrums, sharing, routines, & so much more. Registration required.  

Parenting School-Aged Children - includes S.T.E.P. book - A 8 session program  focusing on the practical, down-to-earth approach in parenting your 6-12 year old. Helping you to better understand your child. There will be many subjects covered including the following: Goals of misbehavior; Raising your child’s self-esteem; Respecting self & others; Learning communication skills; Encouraging independence; Conducting a family meeting; Managing difficult issues:  i.e. homework; chores; friends & peers and more.Registration required.  

Parenting Teens - includes S.T.E.P. book     
This 8 session program is for parents of teenagers. A practical down to earth philosophy that will help you understand what motivates your teens as well as provide guidance through the adolescent years. Along with other parents, you will learn such things as: Raising your teens’ self-esteem; Fostering cooperation; Learning communication skills; Teaching responsibilities and problem solving; Encouraging independence and acceptance of the consequences of poor choices; Expressing your needs and feelings as a parent of a teenager; and Teen issues: i.e. curfews; school; dating; smoking and more.Registration required.  


Practical Parenting - This  4 part program is filled with tips, tools, resources and support for parents with children of any age. Recognize your STRENGTHS as a parent, discover the changes you'd like to make, learn to set healthy boundaries while guiding your child to become their best self with the skills needed to succeed in life.  Registration required.    


The Grief Recovery Method ® program - Group format This 8 session program is an educational, action-oriented program designed to help you complete your relationship with the pain caused by a significant loss such as: Death; Divorce or end of a relationship; Loss of a career; Loss of trust; Loss of faith; Loss of safety; or Loss of health.People say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method® Program not only makes that possible, but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens. Registration required. (Handbook included)


The Messages of Anger 3 session program designed to help you recognize and understand your anger as one of your many emotions. Did you know that your anger is trying to tell you something? Would you like to learn how your anger builds up and what you can do about it as it builds, to develop healthy expressions of anger? Come learn about these different stages of your anger. Learn how to develop healthier expressions of anger and increase clear thinking around your behaviors.  Registration required.


Turning Inward is a 4 session program. This program combines journaling and meditation for self-reflection. There is a great power that resides deep within you. This power, a wise inner mentor, is the voice of your soul. When you learn to access and use its wisdom you make the highest choices for your life. Registration required. Weekly payments accepted.  


"You can Heal Your Life" ®  BOOK STUDY - Is a 10 session program based on the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by bestselling author Louise L. Hay.  The goal of this group is to create positive transformations in your life as you gradually merge the new practices and philosophy of affirmations, journaling and self love into your daily living.  There is ample time for group discussion with regular support and encouragement. Come and enjoy this very healing experience.  Includes one free life coaching session. Registration is required.  (Bring a friend and save $50 each) Weekly payments accepted.